All Monsters Attack: Prologue


The GNP Presents:

All Monsters Attack


From the original screenplay by Shinichi Sekizawa

Novelization by Daniel DiManna


“Enter into children’s play and you will find the place where their minds, hearts, and souls meet.”

-Virginia Axline





Godzilla would have his revenge.

The King of the Monsters let loose a roar that shook the leaves from the nearby palm trees. The sound echoed across the island, a challenge to all who would hear it. And the mighty roar was heard. The monsters began to appear…

Godzilla faced down the colossal spider Kumonga, advancing as his opponent crawled forward on its eight long legs. Without warning, Kumonga spread its pincers, opened its ghastly mouth and shot forth a string of sticky web towards the face of his foe…

With a great leap, Godzilla flung himself from the cliff and into the sea, his feet hitting the sandy bottom and nearly causing him to lose his balance. However, he quickly righted himself and prepared to wade forward through the shallow water. Before him rose the intimidating form of a giant lobster, repeatedly splashing the water with its immense claws, goading his opponent to attack. Godzilla rushed forward, glad to meet the challenge…

No building could stand before the might of the Monster King. His flaming radioactive breath disintegrated the power plant that lay helpless beneath him. Tokyo was rocked by the resulting explosion, and the cloud of fire and smoke rose taller than Godzilla himself over the city. The monster moved on, punching or pushing aside the buildings that he didn’t simply walk through, passing through them as if they didn’t exist…

Godzilla was back on the island, repeatedly punching a smaller foe that lay on the ground, helpless against his opponent’s might…


A Kamacuras was quickly approaching, its claws extended. Godzilla, behind you! He’s coming to…

“Ichiro? Can you…”

Another monster had appeared now. Big and green. It opened its mouth. It… laughed…

“…lease, Ichiro! You’re gonna be la…”

Godzilla had flipped the monster. Could it be that…

“Please, what would your moth…”

It was back. Its angry face. Its cackling laugh. A ring of smoke…



The little boy’s eyes shot wide open. In an instant, the world of his dream had disintegrated and reformed into his present surroundings. As the shock from being awoken subsided, he began to think straight again. He was home, of course. Where else would he be? He was on his cot, his body still stiff from sleep. It was at that moment that the boy registered that he was not alone. A figure knelt beside his bed, slightly bent over the boy’s body, staring down into his still unfocused eyes.

For the briefest of seconds, the boy thought that the figure beside him might be his mother. As his eyes focused, it became clear that it was a man. Dad? Again, the thought passed in moments. Now fully aware, the boy stretched and began to sit up. Beside him, the man straightened his back, moving out of the way of the rising boy.

“Please forgive me, Ichiro,” said the man as he bowed slightly before the boy. “Had I let you sleep any longer, school would have started without you! Now what would your mother have said if I’d sat next door and let you sleep through school, hmm?” The man didn’t wait for an answer, but instead reached beside him and grabbed a small, brown bag. “Now this isn’t much, Ichiro, but theres no time to eat before school, so I brought some of this from my place. It should still be warm. You can eat it while you’re walking! Okay?”

Ichiro, still groggy, reached out and accepted the bag from the man. “Thanks, Minami-San.”

Seconds later, and little Ichiro had stood up and grabbed his clothes for the day. He wouldn’t have time to do anything other than change and grab his backpack.

He had a long walk, and a long day of school, ahead of him.


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