UPDATE #28 (9/25/18): Two More Episodes Added to the Sony Timeline!

Hey, all!

Surprise, I’m not dead!  You know, for those of you who were worried.

I’d like to apologize for the lack of new content as of late.  A mixture of various issues kept me from consistently working, none of which I’ll bore you with.  The good news is, I haven’t NOT been working, and the fruits of my behind-the-scenes labor will soon be posted for your reading pleasure!  More on that in a future update.

For today, however, I do have good news: the popular Sony Timeline has just been updated with even more information, gleaned from the tenth and eleventh episodes of Godzilla: The Series!

This batch of episodes includes “Bird of Paradise”, a fan favorite featuring the legendary Aztec deity Quetzalcoatl (a.k.a. “Q”) emerging to lay its eggs and do battle with the Monster King, and “Freeze”, in which a colony of gigantic, ice-boring hybrid moles rampage across the South Pole.  Two great episodes, and a whole lot of great new info for the Timeline!

Follow this link to check out the new info (found at the bottom of the page), and while you’re there, be sure to re-read some of the previously posted information; tons of new little details pertaining to the Tristar universe have been added in recent weeks, thanks to some in-depth analysis of the 1998 film’s adult and junior novelizations, an early version of the shooting script, and a few other publications!

The next gap between updates won’t be nearly as long as this one, I promise! In fact, I’ve got a few exciting things coming up that I can’t wait to announce, but that will have to wait until next time…

Until then, stay tuned!


UPDATE #27 (8/31/18): Read All About It! The GNP Hits the Pages of “Prehistoric Magazine”!!

Howdy, readers!

Its just about time to bid farewell to August, but before we do, I’ve got some exciting news…

An article on the GODZILLA NOVELIZATION PROJECT – penned by yours truly – has just been published in the latest issue of Prehistoric Magazine!

With it’s focus on celebrating anything and everything dinosaur/prehistoric beastie-related (and always a great read for its interviews, reviews, and editorials on a variety of related topics), the opportunity to promote the GNP within the digital pages of Prehistoric was incredibly exciting.  The article serves as an introduction to the project, and discusses everything from Godzilla’s history in printed media to the many challenges that I’m taking on to see this endeavor through to realization.

I’d like to send a HUGE and sincere THANK YOU to the awesome Michael Esola, founder and editor-in-chief of Prehistoric, for giving me the opportunity to widen the GNP’s exposure through the magazine.  Your vote of confidence means the world to me.

If you’d like to check out the issue (or better yet, subscribe to the magazine!), head to the Prehistoric website and give it a read!

(By the way, Michael Esola is no stranger to monster-related fiction!  Check out his website and peruse his work on Amazon; there’s lots of quality creature storytelling to enjoy!)

UPDATE #26 (8/23/18): Further Updates to the Sony Timeline!

That’s right, the Sony Timeline has been updated YET AGAIN!

I have to say, working on the research for this project had been a blast. This latest batch of added information has been gleaned from analysis of an early shooting script and several newly acquired publications released in 1998 to market the film and its animated sequel.  The script in particular has been absolutely fascinating to study, as it contains a few minor differences from the final script that went before the cameras, including deleted sequences, character names/backgrounds, and some details that ended up influencing the plot of  Godzilla: The Series.  For example, did you ever wonder why Colonel Hicks was suddenly a Major in the show?  This early script has the answer to this mystery and others, and more revelations are being added to the Timeline as they are discovered!

In addition, info on the events from the animated series’ ninth episode, entitled “Hive”, has been added, detailing the H.E.A.T. Team’s encounter with giant bees and man-eating vines on a volcanic island.  It’s a great episode, and was a joy to catalogue!

Follow this link to check out the new info! 

With new material from which to pull info (including the aforementioned script and Godzilla: The Movie Scrapbook, to name a few examples), the Sony Timeline will be receiving regular updates for quite a while.  Expect larger updates to be noted here on the main page, and stay tuned for more additions to other parts of the GNP in the near future!

UPDATE #25 (8/15/18): “Megalon” Continues!

Finally, a new chapter!

After a few months of focusing on other adaptations, the GNP is dusting off Godzilla vs. Megalon at last!  This latest chapter was surprisingly difficult to nail down, but I’m pleased with how the final result turned out!  Picking up after the events of the Prologue, this chapter introduces our main characters as they witness the destruction of a massive lake – not to mention a perfectly fine dolphin water toy.  The sequence is one of the most memorable of the film, and I hope I’ve done it justice.

Follow this link to read and (hopefully) enjoy the new chapter!  (But make sure you start at the Prologue if you haven’t already!)

More updates and announcements are in the works as we speak, so stay tuned!

UPDATE #24 (8/10/18): Three Episodes Worth of New Content Added to the Sony Timeline!

Howdy, readers!

Just a quick update today, but a pretty substantial one!

Long story short, the Sony Timeline has been updated yet again!  The additions this time around include info and events from the 6th, 7th, and 8th episodes of Godzilla: The Series: “Cat & Mouse” (in which Godzilla hunts mutant rats through Manhattan as a trio of redneck poachers attempt to hunt him!), “Leviathan” (in which H.E.A.T. encounters the occupants of a sunken alien craft in a story that sets up the brilliant “Monster Wars” story arc later in the series), and “What Dreams May Come” (which tells the tale of an electromagnetic monster literally dreamed into existence by the subconscious mind of a mentally disturbed insomniac).  There was a LOT of cool info to catalogue in these three episodes, including info on the history of the Leviathan aliens, some analysis of the repair work still being done in New York following the first Godzilla’s rampage, and the (unsurprising) revelation that Craven is highly allergic to rat dander!  (Am I the only one who genuinely enjoys inconsequential minutiae like this?)

In addition, a smattering of other updates have been included in various parts of the Timeline, and more will be coming in the next few days as I continue to plow through more research material pertaining to the 1998 film and it’s animated sequel.

Check out the newly updated Sony Timeline here, and be sure to let me know what you think of the progress made so far!

Update #23 (8/8/18): Kaijuvision Radio Interview is Live!!

Greetings, readers!

During my wonderful weekend at last month’s G-FEST XXV in Chicago, I met up with kaiju enthusiasts/historians/hosts of Kaijuvision Radio Brian Scherschel and Nate Marchand for an in-depth interview on the GODZILLA NOVELIZATION PROJECT.  It was a surreal thrill to be asked to appear as a guest on their podcast (a show I listen to often and use as research for the GNP), and a wonderful time was had by all!  Brian and Nate prepared a series of awesome questions for me to answer, and OH BOY did I answer them!  I don’t think my mouth closed for the entire duration of the interview, which clocks in at nearly two hours in length!  During that time we discussed my writing process and inspiration, my history of loving Godzilla, my goals for the project, the challenges and rewards of taking on such a massive endeavor, and our mutual love of kaiju history, MST3K, and Sean Connery impressions.  In short, it was a BLAST.

To Nate and Brian, I offer my most sincere thanks.  This interview represents the largest exposure the GODZILLA NOVELIZATION PROJECT has yet received, and your vote of confidence in me and my writing is truly humbling beyond words.  You guys rock.

So, without further ado, follow this link to the KaijuVision website and check out the interview!  (And while you’re there, be sure to check out Brian and Nate’s backlog of excellently researched episodes, each of which analyzes the historical and cultural value/significance of a different Godzilla movie.  These guys know their stuff, and I guarantee you’ll learn something(s) both new and fascinating!)

I hope you enjoy the interview!  Be sure to let me know what you thought via Facebook, Twitter, the interview’s YouTube comments section, or right here on the GNP website!

More updates are inbound soon, so stay tuned!

Update #22 (7/28/18): New Content For the Sony Timeline!

Howdy, Godzilla lovers!

It’s been a hectic few weeks at GNP Headquarters, but work is finally begining to pick up steam once again!  I’m pleased to announce that the GNP’s “Sony Godzilla Timeline” has been updated with all new information and events!  This latest batch of content come from Godzilla: The Series‘ fifth episode, “The Winter of our Discontent”, in which billionaire tech guru Cameron Winter attempts to take control of Godzilla and pave the way for new mutation-based weaponry.  It’s a fantastic episode, and provided a ton of new info for the Timeline!  For example, did you know that Randy was booted from Empire State Tech for hacking the school’s computers, and that his school troubles ultimately led to Nick hiring him as his assistant?  Check out the newly updated Sony Timeline to see all the newly added details!

In addition, the Sony Timeline page has been divided into 3 parts for easier navigation.  The length of the page was making it hard to easily find specific events, and the divides are the begining of a few design improvements that will hopefully make the timelines more easily readable!

Thanks for reading, and check back soon for more announcements!